György Verebes: Sentences

The greatest challenge of my painting is to make space seem real and illusional at same time.
Measure is independent in me. The awareness of sight, alertness is dream.

Behind closed eyesthe viewer, the sight, and the subject of the sight are the same.

„The gesture of the painter is but the imprint of the controlled energy floating from the awareness of vision.”

These paintings are not portaits at all.They are rather ancient patterns of human states in the conscoius space.

I am only interested in the question of actuality in respect of the moment. Here only can past, and possible be present simultaneously. The rest is beating around the bush.

„Greensoil and cadmium red, golden beige and cobalt indigo, organic and inorganic. Separete the iron from the soil by fire! The alchemy of colours is the awareness of sight. The awareness of sight is the certanity, that does not nees to be proved.

„There is no emotion on these faces, only the inner, timeless smile.”

The movement is the struggle of the Motionless.


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